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Hong Kong Trip - Dec 07
Tuesday, May 20, 2008

12-16 Dec 07
Hong Kong - Kowloon
Regal Kowloon Hotel

well this is my first post after super long and after peeps complaining to me ;P sorry guys!! Well, let me post my HK trip last year :> Think I went there like 3 times but I feel HK is not a very interesting place to go too many times coz their goods really dun change much..still selling the same stuf after 2years..haiz..was hoping for new stuff but then going with diff company is the main idea...

Anyway this time round, i went with my bf, his family and my good friend and her family who is somehw related (small world n complicated issue) hahah! Quite confusing to say but then here are the pictures!!

Here am I at Changi Airport before taking the plane to HK, Xmas season too!! Here we are at the HK Airport waiting for our ride to the hotel!! This is the whole gang of us, so many right..hehe! We went for SEAFOOD dinner on our first nite!! Food average only, quite disappointed tho..
The tour guide brought us to one of the popular temple where we can also c when Jackie Chan stayed from far. Went to this temple previously with my frenz too :> And below is one of the desserts that we ate at one of the restaurants. (can't rmb the name tho)

Well guys, this is the famous Victoria Peak in HK, my camera aint that good so can't really capture a very nice background picture, planning to get a good camera if not cannot capture it properly. :>
hahaha! My dear eating the super D-delicious egg tart, is really soft,crispy and warm..tink that is one of the best thing there!! Can't compare to SG's egg tart, SG egg tart is horrible..never like it but HK one is nice!!! Is a MUST EATTT item in HK!! hahah! Sorry, Im a glut..hahha!!

Of course we went to the wax museum on top of the Victoria Peak and took like super lots of photos with all the "people" there. :> We have our LKY...and other super celebrities and sports stars!!!

And finally we have DISNEYLAND!!!! Lots of cute pictures!!! Theres Winnie the pooh, Tarazan and so on....

And Finally we have the fireworks at Disneyland at the end of the day!! Quite nice!!! And the place was so super cooly, not like SG now so super hot.. Hope I can go for another vacation soon, mst probably to Taiwan!!! *hoping* hahah!

-Sign Off @ 7:26 AM :)

I hate biDding!!
Tuesday, August 07, 2007

8 August 2007

Today Im hm slacking, surfing net and just updating my blog. Can't help worrying for my modules too. Sigh..Only got two modules now and bidding for the other 3 modules. But the pts keep increasing till 800plus. Sighz...I just hope i can get the 2 modules. I hate doing this bidding, so sianz..If not got to go appeal le, waste of time. Next semester got to bid properly le if not the same thing happen again. :<

Oh well, looking forward for my holiday after this semester. hehe! Going Hong Kong with my bf and his family. :> So got to start saving money liao, means no more shopping for me for the time being till i save enuff money and gt to pay back my dad for scratching his car. Jia You!!! :>

-Sign Off @ 9:15 PM :)

Special 21st bDay w my dEar
Thursday, August 02, 2007

3 August 2007

1 August was a very special day coz my dear brought me out to celebrate my bday. He reali surprise me with the cake. hehe! Firstly, we went to clementi kbox to sing but the microphones there realli sucks, please do nt go there ppl. We gt no choice coz we were rushing for time so went to the nearest one. :> Den after which we went to One Fullerton where they have restaruants near the side of the river. Then my dear so sweet, brought me there to eat at this restaurant called "Black ANgus" and the service there is very excellent. I recommend that pl to you guys and the food there is superb too! Let me show you some pictures den you will noe. This is the appetizers first.

We ordered the set meal so it came with sides so we got the potato soup and the salad and they give complimentary loaf of bread. Plus our mango n apple juice. :> The scenery behind is the river. The appetizers very filly lo, cannot even finish then the main course came. Main course is super big portion, show you guys the pictures.

voi la! This is the main course. Super big rite!! But the pork rib is superb too! realli recommend to you guys. The barbacue saurce is nice too!!

And of course my bday cake that dear surprised me with. :> I was realli surprise as I didnt noe he will get a cake n when the crew started that cheer, i didnt even noe is for bday coz they didnt sing the traditional hapi bday song, it was more like a cheer. But it was quite unique doing that cheer instead of song. hehe! N the cake was realli realli delicious, realli thick with chocolate. I recommend this cake to you guys too!! Realli Nice. And of course after our dinner, we took a few photos n stroll ard as we were super full. Think we gain a few kgs frm this meal. hehe!
We took this pic opp the esplanade. Very nice lightings. :> But too bad I dun hav a proper camera, only handphone camera. Tink gt to get a camera soon so that can take better pictures.And the last picture was taken with the merlion. heheh! But it is still very blur. But I still enjoyed myself on that time. Thanks my dear!!

-Sign Off @ 8:59 PM :)

Early 21st bDay w Poly fRenz

3 August 2007
Last Saturday, I went out with my poly frenz to celebrate my 21st bday. Went to Sushi Tei for lunch but the hot tea was abit werid though. It has a very strong seaweed taste in it. But the food that day wasnt so nice, maybe coz it is still afternoon and the crew have not fully wake up. hahah! Next time got to arrange my bday at nite. Sorry guys for the food, not very nice. Next time we go for better one okie. Guess everyone was also not awake yet. Heres some pictures that we took at sushi tei.

This is the group picture we took.

Me n ah zhu!!

N a surprise cake at Swensen but the waiter spoil it. haha! He very blur. hehe! But is ok guys, thanks so much for coming down though it is quite early for you guys. Thanks for the cake n the gifts, i luv the gifts!!

"Hugs n Kisses"

-Sign Off @ 8:34 PM :)

hAve a Peep into STB n my coLleagues
Sunday, July 29, 2007

29 July 2007
Finally I'm going to end my internship soon on 31 July 2007 next tuesday so me and my colleagues kinda took "afew" pictures in the office and during our gathering. For those who do not know where is my internship, it is at Singapore Tourism Board. Okie, here are the pictures of us in the office taking photos.

Okie theres me and my colleague beside me and of course Hua Yuling (acting serious) haha!

Us again taking pictures on some of the cute chairs, me and my colleague, Shi Ming squeeze on one chair la. haha!

Introducing the other intern, Walter who is also from NUS biz faculty.

OUr other managers!!

Us playing with the office soft toys, Terri the tourist!!! I believe is our company's products, souveniors for tourists.

(the two lame people. haha! They realli have nth to do)

Looks like we are overseas!! But it is at central mall only!!! Gonna hav my bday dinner there with my sec sch frenz. Hope you guys can find it. hehe!

-Sign Off @ 3:10 AM :)

Necklace Design

29 July 2007

Ohh, recently I designed this necklace. Bought the materials from a store in Chinatown. Quite like the design. Im looking for the materials as Im considering of selling these kind of necklaces. Have a look n see if it is sellable.

Ta dah!

-Sign Off @ 3:07 AM :)

bDay luNch w P0ly frEnz

28 July 2007

Finally is Qing's 21st bday yesterday!!! She held her bday party with Hong Jun who also have the same bday as her. Moverover they are best friends, quite qiao for them. :> Qing n Hong Jun invitated alot of ppl till they had to order a 5kg cake!! It was super huge, first time i ever seen it so big. hehe! It was tiramesu and the wine taste was super strong. Never had a cake that big before, hahah! I think if i get that big, also cannt finish unless we invite an army ;P A few people from our cls came, lets see, Leonard and chua came super early n they became the helpers for liqing. haha! Next time i can ask them to come help me set up for parties. hehe! *just kidding guys* hm..Halim, Zheng Wen, Hui Hui, Nette, Yuling and me!!! Yupz thats all that came for the party. Although qing was busy, we managed to have fun too so qing dun worry we understand why you were so busy. :> Okie, I dun hav many pictures, juz those i took with my phone. Heres the first one of yuling stoning.

Here are the guys (excluding Nard) plus my dear. :>

Here are the ladies!! (excluding Zheng Wen as she left already n Hui Hui)
Anyway, wanna Wish our Qing a very happy 21 Birthday!!! *Many Hugz & Kisses*

-Sign Off @ 2:50 AM :)

First Official Post
Monday, July 16, 2007

17 Jul 07

Alright, heres my first official post after a super long time. :> Just posting a short one coz I'm in the office. Theres something wrong with our emails, all of our emails are deleted!! So basically my info are all deleted, sianz..But IS said that they are trying to recover the lost files so hopefully they managed to get it back as I need those emails for my work. Guess I'm not as worst off as the perm staff as they have archive files in their emails and it is all gone. Now they got to remember by memory especially the EAs of the directors gt to remember their directors' schedule by memory. Poor things! Hope for the best. Okie, got to sign off, not very nice to have this in the office ;P

-Sign Off @ 6:51 PM :)

Past events - Msia trip to KL

17 July 07

oh yeah, forgot to post this event. Well, dun worry folks, here's the story.

We went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days to chill and get out of Singapore. Our destination was to Sunway lagoon!!! Although I've been there a couple of times when I was young but this was a totally different experience as I went with my pals n of course my dear. :> The place really changed abit, but sadly some of the destinations were under renovation so we can only go to wild wild wet n nt to forget, SHOPPING!! Oh, they are also building a new building which will have like lots n lots of shops there. Think will be done by the end of this year bah. Oki, time to show the pictures.

Okie, this is the first few pictures we took when we reach at our lunch store, the ppl there speak;Palot of malay, lucky one of the gals there cld speak english if nt I wonder what food we will get ;P
Okie, next we have the amusement park itself with the rollar coaster and everything but I think the rollar coasters were not so scary, maybe they shld include even scarier coasters.

We got super wet from this ride and it was our first ride!! Oh man, n we were thinking of sitting the dry rides first n we got super wet. :> But it was definitely fun!
This is another ride that we took, it wasnt as scary as the water log one.

And we took a picture with the pink duck!!! (ps.special request from qing ;P)

And we walked over this super high suspension bridge which sways every now and then.

Took a picture at one of the hotel which we went for dinner nearby and we saw police catching those ppl selling pirated stuff. Really an eye opening for us but lucky gt dear to pull us away if not we will get in their way. hehe! This picture is taken with dear and his best pal n his best pal wife.

All gals (exclding yuling)took a splashing take. :>

ps. dear is peeking behind ;P
Oh well, didnt take much pictures coz i didnt have any camera so only Nick and Yuling were taking the pictures. Want to go overseas again!!! :>

-Sign Off @ 9:06 AM :)